Sunday, January 29, 2012

Five bestselling authors. 10 Free Kindle Fires. 75 Free Kindle Thrillers. Now.

It's time to boogie. Here's the deal: Bestselling thriller writers J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, J. Carson Black, Lee Goldberg, and Scott Nicholson are happy to have you as readers and friends. So happy that we want to give you 10 Kindle Fires and 75 free ebooks! While the ebooks are only free Feb. 1 & 2, we want to start spreading the word today and allow you to enter through the Rafflecopters below by tweeting this blog link and liking our Facebook event page.

CONTEST RULES: All entries made through Rafflecopters and random selections will be pooled and the 10 Kindle Fire winners will be randomly selected by the Watauga County (NC) Public Library staff on Tuesday, Feb. 7. Winners will be announced on this blog and the Facebook event page. We will attempt to contact winners directly, but it is winner's responsibility to claim prize by Feb. 10 or alternate winners will be selected. Some Rafflecopters may be replaced during the contest due to technical limitations of entry counters and to update our free book links, but all entries made on all Rafflecopters will be stored and pooled for the prize drawings. Entries will also be randomly collected from Twitter searching the #bigkindleboogie hashtag and added to the prize pool for drawings. The first winner selected will have a $500 donation made to their local library or library support group. No purchase necessary, contest is international.

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